Founded in the late 1960’s by Michael Tager, our 3rd generation business specializes in quality hobby products serving the toy and hobby markets worldwide. During our 50 years of operation, Model Power has developed a full line of model railroading products, die-cast metal aircraft, and die-cast metal cars and trucks. In early 2014, Model Power ceased its business operations.  Our extensive portfolio of intellectual property and physical assets are now exclusively produced, marketed, sold, and distributed by these two industry leaders in the toy and hobby markets.

Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of Model Power, MetalTrain and Mantua

80 Newfield Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone: 732-225-2100
Fax: 732-225-6360

Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of Postage Stamp Airplanes and Airliner Collection

24 Stewart Place, Unit 4
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973-882-0891
Fax: 973-882-8322

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Model Power – HO and N Scale Diesel/Steam Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Structures, Figures, Lighted Accessories and Scenics.  There is also a selection of O and G Scale Accessories and Scenics.

Mantua – One of the largest HO Steam Locomotive offerings in the world, as well as popular rolling stock line of freight and passenger cars.

MetalTrain – An industry exclusive full Die-Cast Metal Locomotive and Rolling Stock line.

Postage Stamp Aircraft and Airliner Collection – The largest selection of scaled die-cast metal aircraft in the world.  Featuring 113 different prototypes of Military and General Aviation aircraft, ranging from the Wright Flyer to the modern UAV MQ-1 Predator.

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Customer Service Advisement

Neither Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC) nor Daron have purchased Model Power, they have secured the tooling and trademark rights.  There will be no integration of previous warranties.

Legacy Locomotive Repairs and Parts

All locomotives that had been at the Model Power facility upon its closing, have been sent back to their original return addresses.

MRC will be warrantying all NEW production, while offering support to legacy repair in the form of information and certified 3rd party repair facilities. 

Parts will be limited to what is made available from the old closed facility.  New parts will be more readily available with each new production run.  This is applicable to Locomotives and Kits.

If you wish to have your locomotives repaired, we can recommend the below service shops.  You may contact these businesses directly to make arrangements.  More service locations will be made available.

DCC Repair/HO Mantua Parts & Service
Contact: Harvey Owens
Shop: Harvey’s Trains
Telephone: 417-337-1408
Address: 777 Cardinal Drive, Unit 3A
Webcity MO 64870
HO/N Model Power Locomotives
Contact: Ron Hagest
Telephone: (215) 779-5797
Address: 19519 Suncove Lane
Humble, TX 77346

MRC is looking for NEW service shops, if you are interested in becoming a certified 3rd party service provider, please contact MRC.

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